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Why ForePaaS

The amount of data created every day is staggering
Companies rely on this data to remain competitive


Cloud-computing powered AI is the new game changer


Moving quickly and economically from concept to production is a huge challenge, requiring specialized skills and collaboration


The ForePaas Platform helps companies become cloud-native AI-Powered organizations, quickly and economically


We simplify the time-to-market and process of creating and deploying complex AI web-apps on any cloud


Without adding pressure on your teams, without the headaches, with no technological complexities, without sacrificing enterprise requirements and within your budget



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The ForePaaS difference


Very Fast


Choose and configure your cloud environment in less than 4 minutes. Create and deploy your robust and scalable cloud-native AI application in days. Our clients have accelerated their development cycles by 10x, compared to other offerings.

A Powerful Workbench


Create your infrastructure, and manage your complete data cycle – from data collection to consumption, within just one interface. No more worrying about integrating multiple tools. No need to make uncertain technological decisions, or bend over backwards to make them work.



Unified team

ForePaas is for everyone contributing to your AI project. Leverage a common workspace, invite different skills and specialties, and encourage collaboration to empower the whole team, especially when your project becomes big and complex.

Very Visual

One stop shop

The delightful interface provides a welcomed high-level abstraction and hides the back-end complexity, while giving multiple users multiple usages.


Everything your business needs

World-class support

Benefit from the expertise and experience of our service team

High-level ecosystem

Rely on our experts and partners network for your projects success

Enterprise-grade security

Data privacy and high-level security as our top priorities

Start small, think big

Adopt the ForePaaS platform to accelerate AI operationalization

illus_start_small Created with Sketch. Feedback Feedback Pilot First use case Pilot perimeter Demonstrate value Deployment More data sources Predictive models Scale fast Expansion Performance Optimization Identify new use cases

Take AI out of the lab, one step at a time

Our unique obsession is to ensure every project runs in production, in line with business objectives. Our platform enables you to work with short iteration cycles incorporating feedbacks consistently using automated deployment features.

Leverage an end-to-end environment to pilot hypotheses on a first use case. Easily add new data sources and complex data transformations using our marketplace to move the project in deployment. Finally, expand across business units seamlessly with powerful scalability features and monitor your applications’ performances.




illus_POC Created with Sketch. External Data Internal Data Open Data Cost reduction Decision Analysis & Guidance Anomaly Detection Customer extranet Trend analysis & Prediction Sources Platform Applications illus_POC_vertical Created with Sketch. External Data Internal Data Open Data Cost reduction Decision Analysis & Guidance Anomaly Detection Customer extranet Trend analysis & Prediction Sources Platform Applications

Create a pragmatic AI-driven culture

Successful companies in the future will be AI-driven. That’s why we strive every day to help our customers transform their company’s approach to data and AI from descriptive to prescriptive. Using a common visual language, a unified toolset and no user license limitations, encourage everyone to hop on board to focus on the same objective from the early days of any project.

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