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    One Platform

    Create your data fabric and manage all your data cycles - from data extraction, collection, storage to consumption, with one unified end-to-end platform. No more worrying about integrating multiple tools. No need to make uncertain technological decisions.

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    Cloud Native

    Cloud-native from birth – Your projects will thrive on any public, private or multi-cloud. Deploy them instantly. Focus on creating value instead of wasting time on the cloud infrastructure, the logistics, the scaling, and security challenges.

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    Establish repeatable, manageable, traceable, and secure ML/ Analytics operational frameworks at any scale. Revalidate the lifecycle of your ML models by constantly monitoring, re-evaluating, tuning, and managing them on an ongoing basis.

Team-centric Collaboration

Unify your data scientists, IT and business users with one common platform. Invite more members to collaborate.

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    Business Leaders

    Help your company become a data-powered enterprise, by delivering profitable projects, quickly and economically.

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    Data Analysts

    Set-up ML/ Analytics applications with stunning graphics and dashboards to match the expectations of your business users.

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    Data Engineers

    Set-up and maintain repeatable, manageable, traceable, and secure ML/Analytics operational frameworks.

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    Data Scientists

    Establish and revalidate the entire lifecycle of your ML models by continuously monitoring, re-scoring, re-evaluating, and managing them on an ongoing basis.


More Unique Features

  • Discover what a cloud-native environment can do for you.


    From set-up to production

    Set-up robust and scalable cloud environments in less then 5 minutes and start designing your ML/Analytics projects right away. Deploy your projects instantly. You'll easily go from PoC design to production in less than 3 weeks.

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    Automate your whole DevOps infrastructure: your Web app firewalls, security groups, CDNs, DNS configuration, SSL/TLS certificates, API endpoints, capacity planning, load balancer, auto-scaling, Kubernetes, cache, and more…

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    Visual Interface

    Enjoy the easy-to-learn, easy-to-use delightful interface and its instinctive high-level abstraction which hides all the back-end complexities. No-code necessary. JSON, Python code available for deeper customization.

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    ForePaaS Store

    Benefit from important productivity gains by leveraging pre-built components, connectors, rules, and ML libraries. Customize them, import your own, build new ones and share them with your team members.

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Fraud Detection


Detect abnormal behaviors using effective ML algorithms.

Digital Cockpit


Monitor sales, marketing and production performance with reliable dashboards.

Real-Time Monitoring


Improve your response times and quickly anticipate anomalies to improve your service offerings.

IoT Data Insight


Flexible data collection from any source to monitor your entire object fleet, find root cause of issues, and gain real-time actionable intelligence.

Client Insights


Improve both engagement and conversion rates to boost sales with customized, real-time segmentation.

Energy Intelligence


Empowering large companies in Oil and Gas to reach better energy efficiency and positive environmental impact.

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